Affordable Medical Ultrasounds

We are now offering a unique alternative to medical Ultrasound testing.  Below you will find our Ultra-affordable Ultrasound tests that will be done by our very own tech 

Mike Rodriguez Sr (RT)R,RDMS(AB,OB),RVT and read by a board certified Radiologist with a report available in most cases within one business day.  These tests are Ultra-affordable “cash” prices.  People with insurance have the option of turning their receipt over to their insurance to be reimbursed for having paid for these services up front.  

All of these tests require an order from their ordering clinician.Our costs are kept low and are geared towards those without insurance, midwife patients or for those that are experiencing high deductibles.

Abdomen Complete $175

Includes all organs (liver, pancreas, gallbladder, kidneys, aorta, IVC) Requires 4 hours fasting

Abdomen Limited $130

Includes some organs (RUQ, Renal, Aorta, Hernia) requires 4 hours fasting

Carotid $150

Carotid arteries (includes IMT with artery age)

Thyroid $100

Checks for size, masses, cysts and overall echogenicity.

Arterial extremity arm/leg  $120

Price is for each extremity

Venous Extremity arm/leg  $120

Price is for each extremity

Soft Tissue study  $120

Anywhere on body for palpable lesion

Each of the following studies will include a short complimentary 4D session with video and 2 - 4 printed pictures of the non-medical portion of the ultrasound. The following include gender determination from 15 weeks and on.

Fetal Wellbeing $210.00

This ultrasound is usually performed around 22 weeks to check baby’s position, placenta location as well as the following: 4 chamber, LV, Cisterna Magnum, Nuchal Fold, Spine, Kidneys, Lower Ext, 3V Cord, Cord Insertion, Stomach, Bladder, Diaphragm, Cerebellum, Choroid Plexus, Upper Ext and Nostrils/Lips.  This study goes toward the multiple visit 4D non-diagnostic package.  After this study mom will be able to return to us for the 4D at only $105 as a “second visit”.

Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound (11 weeks – 13.6 weeks) $150.00

This ultrasound is a genetic screening test to detect risks for Down Syndrome Trisomy 18, Trisomy 21 and Turner’s syndrome. Our certified Sonographer will measure the amount of fluid accumulated under the skin at the back of the baby’s neck. It’s important to know that a positive result does not equate to having an abnormality, but rather serves as a signal to look into further testing.

Fetal Measurements (Weight, (EDD) Estimated due date) - $150.00

This ultrasound scan will measure baby's head, abdomen and limbs. We get an estimate of the weight of the baby to give you a guide of how big the baby is as well as the position of the baby.

Fetal Position - $85.00

This ultrasound scan is done closer to the end of the pregnancy to assure the physician or midwife that the baby is in the vertex position (head down).

Placenta location - $85

This ultrasound scan will check for placenta previa, placenta tearing or placenta bleeding.

Amniotic Fluid Volume Assessment - $80

This ultrasound scan is done to check for polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid), or oligohydramnios (too little amniotic fluid).

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