Do 3-D Ultrasounds harm my baby?

Because 3-D Ultrasounds are a mere extension of a usual ultrasound exam, there are no greater risks of performing a 3-D ultrasound exam than having a regular diagnostic ultrasound.

Can 3-D ultrasound pictures be obtained on everyone?

Although pictures are obtainable in most cases, 3-D ultrasound image quality is very dependent on the baby’s position. If the baby is facing away from the ultrasound probe during the exam, for instance, a 3-D picture could be nearly impossible to obtain.

How well can ultrasound determine the sex of my child?

Sex determination is not an absolute with ultrasound. In the hands of an experienced Ultrasound Technologist, sex determination is usually very good after 14 weeks of pregnancy. Also, your unborn child moves into a position that is comfortable. These positions are not always good for the evaluation and visualization of the genitalia. Given these factors, one must keep in mind that sex determination is not always correct. Even the most veteran of Sonographers can mistake one sex for another.

How far into my pregnancy can I schedule my ultrasound?

You can schedule an ultrasound any time after 8 weeks, however, sex cannot be determined until at least the 13th week and 3D pictures come out best between 22 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. After 32 weeks it is normal for there to be less fluid around the baby which is important for creating the 3D images.

Why is Sound Diagnostics the trusted choice of prenatal care providers?

    * We provide affordable, limited medical prenatal ultrasounds to the public on a fee-for-service basis. We do not accept insurance.

    * Our services do not replace a full diagnostic ultrasound. We simply provide a comfortable environment where heartbeat, position, number and gender are verified.

    * We require all our clients to be receiving prenatal care to be seen.

    * We are staffed only with highly-trained ultrasound technicians using the latest technology in accordance with strict FDA guidelines.

    * We offer unsurpassed quality in 2D, 3D and 4D fetal imaging and high accuracy in gender determination.

    * Our goal is to further reassure parents and bond them to their baby

    * We support providers by enhancing their patients' commitment to their pregnancy and health.

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